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What is the NWTF?

The NWTF — a national nonprofit organization — is the leader in upland wildlife habitat conservation in North America. Founded in 1973, the NWTF is headquartered in Edgefield, S.C., and has local chapters in every state. The NWTF is dedicated to the conservation of the wild turkey and the preservation of our hunting heritage.

Through vital partnerships with state, federal and provincial wildlife agencies, the NWTF and our members have helped restore wild turkey populations throughout North America — from a mere 30,000 in the entire United States to more than 7 million across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Updated March 19, 2019

Conservation Seed - Tentative Arrival

2019 Conservation Seed (Surplus Seed) - Roundup Ready corn has been ordered again by the NWTF-NY State Chapter. The amount ordered was based on requests received from local chapter Presidents across NY State. Due to costs the State Chapter does not order more seed than has been requested.

Seed will likely arrive at the East Concord, Penn Yan, Fulton and Athens sites by early April. Local chapter Presidents will be notified of the seed arrival and any details regarding pick-up options for the site they are scheduled to receive seed from. Local chapter Presidents are to arrange for their chapter’s seed to be picked up. Individual members are not to pick up seed at any of the 4 locations.

Please contact your local chapter President regarding availability.  If you missed out this year make sure your local chapter President is aware of your interest for 2020.

CLICK HERE to review updated NWTF-NY seed program information. 

1010119 Seed Subsidy Poster.jpg

2019 Seed Subsidy Offer

The NWTF-NY State Chapter Spring Seed Subsidy program offer is now available online for our members. Please click HERE to access the online ordering system.

Available this year: Biologic Clover Plus & Biologic Premium Perennial. $34 per bag subsidized & $68 per bag non-subsidized (1 acre each bag). Clearfield sunflower is also available.

These will provide excellent food sources for wild turkeys and a host of other wildlife on your lands. Please take advantage of this membership benefit. Sponsor members are allowed to purchase up to 3 bags at the subsidized price. Regular members are able to purchase up to 2 bags at the subsidized rate.

2018 NYS Chapter Annual Raffle Winners

1. Mark Misner  Plattsburgh N.Y.
2. Roy Keith  Little Valley N.Y.
3. Bill Schrameck  East Amherst N.Y.
4. Hugh Jackson  Addison N.Y.
5. Joe Dorety  Springwater N.Y.
6. Ben Gamel  West Valley N.Y.
7. Kevin Padlo  Olean N.Y.
8. Howard Ridall  East Bethany N.Y.
9. Josh Newark  Cassadaga N.Y.
10. David Schoellig  Burlington Flats NY

2019 Calendar Gun Raffle Winners

Week Lotto Number Winner Firearm Chapter 
1/2/19 388 Dave G. Browning A5  Crossroads Limbhangers
1/9/19 924 Alex D. CVA Muzzleloader Catskill Strutters
1/16/19 014 Max B. 2017 Beretta Outlander  Springville Strutters
1/23/19 246 Jessica B. Fausti Caledon O/U 20ga Crossroads Limbhangers
1/30/19 000 Ernest M. Franchii 28ga Springville Strutters
2/6/19 291 Steve K. Remington 783 30-06 w/scope Hardwood Strutters
2/13/19 879 Susan S. Ruger American .243 Catherine Valley Long Spurs
2/20/19 859 Walt W. Tristar Cobra 12ga. Chemung Valley Ridgerunners
2/27/19 680 Tanner C. Weatherby PA-08 12gta Lake Country Chapter
3/6/19 Jimmy H. Crossroads Limbhangers
3/13/19 Kevin H. Springville Strutters
3/20/19 Steven D. Chemung Valley Ridgerunners
3/27/19 Ray S. Cohocton Valley
4/3/19 Randy S. Letchworth Chapter

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