This educational tool exposes children to the joy of natural resources like the wild turkey and the importance of managing this resource properly to insure it is available for generations to come. These boxes and refill kits are available for local chapters to distribute to their local schools or wildlife and conservation learning centers.

Education boxes can be purchased for $50 plus shipping. Refill kits containing 30 JAKES pencils, rulers, and bookmarks can be purchased for $20 plus shipping. Your New York state chapter may cover the costs through the Education portion of the Superfund budget (money earned through local fund raising banquets) if the Local Chapter President orders through their NWTF Regional Director. To help assure that all chapters have an opportunity to distribute these valuable educational tools please do the following:

Contact the educators first to assure they want and will use the materials.

Only order what you know will be used.

When you deliver the boxes, inform the educators that they are expected to use and reuse the box and teaching materials from year to year. The pencils, rulers, and bookmarks are consumables, which you can supply through refill kits.

If you have extra boxes or refill kits that are not being used inform your Regional Director so they can be passed on to chapters that have a demand for them.

The Wild About Turkey Education materials are a big hit and very popular around the Thanksgiving Holidays. Contact your local educators and see if they will incorporate these materials into their curriculum.

The education boxes are compiled for use at K-12th grade levels and include the following materials:

  • Lesson Plans and Teachers Guide - with Art, English, Math, Science, Writing, Technology/Design, and History projects 
  • 24" x 18" Color Poster - showing the differences between male and female turkeys 
  • "Return of the Wild Turkey" and "Roll Call" video - explaining the importance of conservation 
  • 30 JAKES Pencils 
  • 30 JAKES Rulers 
  • 30 NWTF Book Marks 
  • Multimedia CD/CD-ROM - with actual recorded turkey sounds and NWTF Wildlife Bulletins 
  • Real Turkey Feather - on a card with the scientific name 
  • Bulletin Board 
  • Push-button Yelper Turkey Call 
  • Trap and Transfer Box 

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